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Organ Donation’s Biggest Year

A report released today by the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority has shown 2018 to be the biggest year for organ donation to date! 1,544 lives were changed throughout the year thanks to organ transplantation.

While there has been a notable increase in both organ donors and recipients over the past year, I think the standout results are around donation consent. Organ donation in Australia requires families of a potential donor, registered or not, to agree to the life-changing procedure. An incredibly difficult decision at any time, the results of the report show that the families of those who’ve registered as donors are up to 40% more likely to consent to their loved ones becoming a donor than those who’ve not registered or spoken about their wishes.

Source: 2018 Organ Donations and Transplantation Outcomes

This is why it is so important to talk about whether organ donation with those closest to you. Whatever your decision, make it known. It will never be easy for your family to make that decision if they ever need to, but knowing how you felt might make all the difference when it’s needed most.

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