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Fat and Hungry

I just cannot stop eating! I’m pretty sure it’s the pred, but before I even finish whatever’s in front of me, I’m mentally preparing the pipeline of food that will ensure I look at least 6 months pregnant and spend most of the night in the bathroom. Consequences don’t stop me, this hunger is a beast!  Other than that, the past few weeks haven’t been incredibly eventful. I had my clinic appointment with gastro, which was good in some ways, but ultimately resolved nothing.

The hope was that I’d have this big appointment to ask both the surgeons and the clinicians more about surgery. We would have a much better understanding of the direction my insides were going to take (stay where they are and heal up or get evicted from the temple that is my glorious body). Unfortunately, despite several discussions with the specialist and the nurses, the surgeons weren’t booked in for a Q&A with yours truly, so it’s been put on hold for a few weeks.

What was figured out, however, was that I would have a colonoscopy in mid-September and come back for a follow up two weeks later. If my condition hasn’t improved, then the guts go. I’ve also been told that I will get another chance to speak with the surgeons, which would be cool. I’m pretty keen to ask how much I’ll get on the black market for a used colon (repairs needed). If I perk up at all before my next gastro appointment, we’ll stay with the biologics for a while.

Speaking of perking up, I mentioned in my last post that I had a ridiculous amount of energy. Well, that’s started to round out now. Not that I feel the fatigue that I did before, but I’m certainly not bouncing off the walls like I was. I still have the joint pain, and the abdo pain is getting worse but I put that down to the truckloads of food I’m forcing down my throat. Otherwise, everything is just ticking along like normal.

Oh and in case you haven’t seen yet, this week is DonateLife Week. It’s a week dedicated to raising awareness about organ and tissue donation in Australia. So if you have a Medicare card and are not sure whether you’re a registered donor (and would like to be), click here. I promise it takes no more than a few minutes (the fastest I signed someone up in was 45 seconds). You never know how many lives you might change.

And just a quick thanks to everyone who has checked in on me over the last few weeks. I know this post is a little later than I intended, with my last appointment being almost 2 weeks ago, but it’s a nice feeling to know people care.


  1. Paul

    For anyone reading this here we have living proof that organ donations work and do change the lives positively for many and not just for thos receiving the transplants .
    Without donors we would not have this wonderful bloke in our lives now and for one who’s life has been a series of ups and downs and constant medical appointments he still finds the time to put out blogs and information to let people know how fulfilling it must feel to be able to know that say when I or you are gone we help someone else carry on .
    You do make me proud 😊

    • Chris

      Thanks dad, that means a lot. I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I can do now without your help. Support is everything 🙂

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