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Neutrophils – Making a Comeback

And after 10 days of waiting to see some improvement in my neutrophils (the things in my blood that show smart people how likely I am to get sick), I’ve been sent home. Unfortunately, my results still hadn’t reached the level my specialists were hoping for, but they were happy for me to recover at home as long as I took appropriate precautions (basically wash my hands and don’t get coughed on). Regardless of how long I manage to stay out for, it’s great to be back at home – those beds are not made for long humans.

I popped back up to the hospital yesterday for a repeat blood test to see whether the next dose of my biologic would go ahead (booked for today). When I called this morning, the nurse said my numbers had gone up, but she was waiting for the doctors to review them. For now, I wouldn’t be having the biologic infusion and I’ll be notified when it’s been rebooked. I still don’t know too much else. I would imagine I’ll get a call in the next week or so for more blood tests and to arrange for a time to have that infusion. I don’t think they can leave it too long between doses without it failing to remain a viable option. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Otherwise, my appointment in 2 weeks still stands. I’m meant to be meeting with my regular gastro consultant, as well as some colorectal surgeons. Hopefully, this will give me a chance to ask some of the more detailed questions about the process of having my large bowel removed, and get some more insight into the potential complications and added risks given my transplant history. I want to be prepared for whatever the surgical challenges might be so that I don’t get blindsided should I go down that path. There’s no popping it back in if I change my mind.

For the moment, it’s still just a waiting game. Thankfully I don’t think we’ll be waiting all that much longer before seeing some results. In the meantime, the plan is to try and get some normalcy back into my life and those around me while remaining mindful that in the next few months I might need a little more flexibility. Just coming off the mercaptopurine has helped by giving some of my energy back. Starting back at work next week will be the real test, but I’m excited to see how things go.

Have an awesome week fam!

How I wish my immune system worked.

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