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I wasn’t imagining it!

Well, I guess it wasn’t the biggest surprise. After requesting more blood tests to make sure nothing else was causing my worsening symptoms, I’ve been called back into hospital. It turned out that my red and white blood cell counts had dropped to their lowest recorded levels, and I was going into acute kidney failure.

Since coming in on Thursday, I’ve had a few bags of IV fluids to stabilise my kidneys, and two bags of blood to lift my red cell count. I’ve also come off one of the immunosuppressants to bring my white cell count back up. Overall though, things have been fairly relaxed. There has been talk of having a colonoscopy, but no one wants to do anything until my blood tests start coming back a little healthier.

Weekends in hospital are slow, so not a great deal is going on at the moment. The ward doctor might come around soon to let me know what my bloods are doing, but it won’t have much of an influence on what happens today (unless they’re dropping, in which case – more blood for me).

When it comes to discussing how we’re going to manage my bowel disease, surgery is coming up a lot more. Every doctor has said “we don’t need to make the decision immediately”, but the way they say it makes it sound like “in the next day or two”. In the next week then? Month, maybe? There is still a lot to talk about, but I’ve been told the colorectal surgeons will come around today or tomorrow to go through my options in some more detail. Hopefully, I’ll have a better understanding of where this is all headed after that.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind words over the last few days, you really are a great bunch of humans!

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